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Frog Glass is Brisbane’s premier commercial glazing company, offering architectural glass solutions throughout Brisbane. We can help with the design, manufacturing, and installation of glass doors, walls, and windows for homes and businesses.

What Is Architectural Glass?

Architectural glass is used as a building material, typically in the building envelope, whether as glass windows, glass doors, or glass walls. Clear or textured glass can also be used for internal partitions, walls, and as an architectural feature. Structural glass generally needs to be safety glass, such as reinforced, toughened, and laminated glass types.

Customer Service and Quality Workmanship

At Frog Glass, we have built a reputation for great customer service, high-quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. Our team is fully qualified and we have many years of experience in the commercial and domestic glazing industries. All our work is fully guaranteed and our installations are glazed to meet Australian Standard AS 1288 2006.

Benefits of Structural Glass

Structural glass provides many benefits ranging from the aesthetic to the environmental:

Create a Unique Look

Using structural glass in your home or business will create a unique, aesthetically pleasing, and distinctly modern look.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Allowing natural light into your home or business is important for many reasons. Exposure to natural light is important for the happiness and health of employees and it will also make any space look bigger and more welcoming.

Long Lasting and Easy to Clean

Glass does not rust or degrade over time in the same way that many other building materials do. With proper care, architectural glass will last for a very long time and look quite pristine. Glass is also simple to clean. It will make your home or business look stunning when it’s polished and shining.

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