Quick and Easy Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies can’t force you to use their glass companies. It is your choice. We can arrange the repairs at a time that best suits you. Don’t waste your time talking to an interstate call centre or recorded service, talk to Frog Glass so you know what’s going on with your repairs.

Frog Glass has been processing insurance claims for years as part of our service. We understand the stress that our customers go through when they have a glass breakage. That’s why we offer you assistance with your insurance claim to make it as hassle free as possible. At no extra cost, we will process your paperwork for you and work with your insurer and you, the customer to get the job completed without fuss.

Once we have your insurance policy and claim details, we will send our bill direct to your insurer and collect any excess from you less any contribution made by us (if applicable).

All we require is some basic information from you to get the ball rolling. Please complete details below and hit the submit button or PHONE US DIRECT

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